ekufOh hey there. I’m Elyse. I write things. Most of the time, all Bulgakov of me, I write for the drawer, but I’m trying to write more for an audience. Here you’ll find me going on about all kinds of different things that are important to me, namely my dogs, design, fiction, linguistics, Russia and whatever else I decide is worthwhile writing about. I’ve had plenty of blogs over the years and the problem was that my vision for all of them was far too narrow. I have interest/hobby ADHD, and need to give myself space to explore everything that sparks my intrigue, and so this is gonna be it. Read, don’t read, doesn’t matter much to me, the point is for me to write. :)

Elyse is a professional Voice User Interaction Designer by day, a portrait/pet photographer by golden hour, and a great many things by aspiration and in spirit.