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Vera the Tiny Courser

verabag Poor Vera. She’s been such a champ while we’ve be hard at work training Zar in basic manners and obedience as well as conformation training. It’s funny the difference between these dogs — both love doing things but for entirely different reasons. For Vera it’s all about the opportunity to be and do something with me, while for Zar it’s all about her needing to be doing something.

At some point or another, Zaria will enter the wild world of lure coursing. Easter weekend, I took her to watch a lure coursing event put on by the Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. We experienced some sighthound over-stimulation, but she did seem interested enough in the lure. While I’m excited to start working coursing with her, she’s not yet a year old, which is the minimum age requirement for all lure coursing events, and besides that, I don’t really want to engage her in competition until she’s 18-24 months old, though I have gotten on a few mailing lists for practice runs between then and now to get both of us used to the sport. Continue reading