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On Reliable Narrators

This is a drafted post I never finished but decided to post anyway. Consider it incomplete.

In one of my Russian literature classes, the imitable Professor Diment spent a lot of time discussing and encouraging us to analyze the reliability of the narrator in each piece we wrote, and especially in memoirs. Recently, I’ve been “re-watching” Gilmore Girls (in quotes because I never fully watched it when it was on air, but did see enough episodes to have had a sense of the shows and characters from then to compare with now), and in re-watching, I’ve found myself doing just as Galya trained me to do. And what is interesting is noting how that spunky mother-daughter pair is not really as stridently positive as I remember. They’re both painfully flawed, and Lorelei is especially unreliable as a narrator, particularly in any retelling of any interactions with her parents. Rory is a picture of white “good girl” privilege who is used to getting her way, and really not so adept at seeing or understanding how her actions impact others.

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The start of something new

Haven’t written in a while. Feeling a little inspired. I feel like this is perhaps the start of something, but what I’m not sure. For now this is all I have. Playing and toying with devices to switch between observation to omniscience and offer more insight that this girl, whoever she is, isn’t interested in seeking herself. I don’t know if I’ll ever write a novel like I dreamed of doing when I was younger. But I do strongly enjoy character studies. Plots are not of extreme importance to me. What is more interesting is exploration of personhood and self, with life events being a tool to explore rather than the reason for the writing (or later reading). Anyway, random. Here’s what I’ve got so far.
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On Fear and Creativity

I have many, tons, heaps of excuses for why I haven’t written anything substantial of my own. The biggest ones include: not enough life experience to really do writing any justice and its corollary, wanting to get certain themes right.

I’ve read a lot. Not as much as I might like, but a lot. And I tend to read by author. I find an author I like and dive deep into his or her works. I’ve noticed how most writers have a few core themes they continually tackle. And somehow it’s never occurred to me on a personal level before that I can and will inevitably do the same thing. That I can and should approach different ideas from multiple angles with different story telling techniques in form, character and plot.

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